This article teaches you how to choose a real love dolls

Today, there are a wide variety of adult products on the market, especially inflatable dolls specifically targeted at men. They come in many varieties and come in all looks, shapes, skins and shapes. Yes, I have my favorites, and the materials vary a lot. For example, there are physical do

We together look.

1. The difference between love dolls and inflatable dolls is that the whole body is solid and can be made of TPR materials and silicone rubber, as well as new medical and food-grade polymer materials unique to real dolls. The entire body is very similar to human skin. The appearance is similar to the real person, and the body shape is the same or close to the real person. It is a highly realistic love dolls with a solid body that does not emit gas. The skin of muscles all over the body is made of soft materials such as silicone rubber. Most realistic sex dolll are equipped with mechanical skeletons that allow them to assume many human positions. The fidelity of sex dolls is very similar to real people. degree. Ordinary inflatable dolls are inflated. After inflating, the volume is close to adult size. The body is soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic. The body and limbs are relatively rounded and cannot show the beauty of the human body. The appearance will be rough. It can roughly simulate the structure of the human body.

2. How to buy real life love dolls.

Let’s look at the appearance first. There are many types of inflatable dolls on the market with completely different appearances. Generally, it can be selected or customized according to a man’s aesthetic standards and sexual needs. For example: celebrity series, cross-dressing series, SM series, etc. For celebrity styles, in addition to the general styles that are popular face shapes, most of the best-selling or customized styles are the beautiful looks of celebrities such as Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi, and Sun Li. The cross-dressing series enriches the impulsive real-life love dolls market and provides men with more choices. Men can choose impulsive Lyle styles to satisfy their sexual desires according to their different tastes. For example, student series, women's clothing series, stewardess series, long-legged temptation series, etc. He will be filled with passion and intense sexual desire only when he chooses his favorite beautiful sex doll! After all, everyone longs for an intimate sexual encounter with the goddess of their dreams. In addition, there are many ways to stimulate men's sexual desire, such as long flowing hair, beautiful appearance, beautiful legs in stockings, etc.

When men choose a doll, they should not only pay attention to whether its appearance is satisfactory, but also whether its function is perfect. For example, in addition to regular vaginal intercourse, men should check whether they can provide deep throat oral sex, anal sex and other intercourse methods before choosing, and feel free to change their intercourse methods when they need to promote themselves. It is very convenient to use sex dolls to satisfy your sexual desires. In addition, there are many factors such as whether the private parts and anus of the real love doll have a hymen design, whether the vagina and vagina have just been inserted, whether the grip is firm, and whether the customize sexdoll can lie down. Squat or kneel. You should also make sure that you are able to assume attractive poses. Notice the details in this series of poses: prone and hip-standing. Of course, when choosing an inflatable doll, the most important thing is whether it can continuously vibrate, whether the vibration ability is strong enough, how many frequencies the simulated bed sound has, and whether the inflatable sealing performance is good.

Please note the unattended design. Finally, when choosing an inflatable doll, you should ask the salesperson whether the design of this inflatable doll pays attention to humanistic care. Example: Can the vibration frequency be adjusted after a man enters the vagina? Can the ringtone of an inflatable doll bed automatically adjust according to the person's movement speed? Will the vagina and mouth of the inflatable love dolls heat up when a man ejaculates? Function: Is it easy to disassemble the inflatable doll after use? Can it be folded neatly and stored in a hidden compartment in a cabinet? Only inflatable dolls with more humane care can provide men with a better sexual experience and meet their sexual needs during use. At the same time, it can also prevent men from causing trouble and embarrassment due to inflating the true love doll.

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