The difference between cheap inflatable dolls and high-quality sex dolls

First, there are differences in the inflation functions.

Wang Wenshengyi: Inflatable q are a type of inflatable. To achieve life-size, the product must be inflated using gas. The vagina is still made of soft silicone due to availability in other areas.

Second: differences in product information.

Because inflatable dolls are necessary, the entire material is made of plastic, and elastic film is the basic material, while love dolls are made of silicone, and the texture is more realistic.

Third, the difference in weight.

Inflatable dolls are lightweight and easy to inflate, weighing no more than 5 kg. Sex dolls are all made of silicone, and their size and weight are much larger than inflatable shemale sex dolls, weighing about 40-50 kilograms.

Both inflatable dolls and sex dolls are a type of sex doll companion. They are more humane and caring than simple sex toys and meet the requirements of today's urban humanity. Compared with inflatable dolls, the flesh body is stronger and more flexible. You can regard her as your lover, just like your lover, she is sexy, attractive and beautiful. Its body adorns you. Real dolls are not easy to store and can be troublesome for the rather conservative Chinese. Moreover, real dolls are expensive, tens of thousands of yuan per transaction, which are beyond the reach of ordinary Chinese people. This requires Chinese sex workers to redouble their efforts to create inflatable sex dolls. That way, you and I would be free to have lovers. For brothers with good economic and environmental conditions, they are considering buying a real love doll, and judging from the product technology and product information, the feeling of use is far better than that of an inflatable male sex doll, and the temperament is improved.


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