Do you know the meaning of writing 2B, HB on a pencil?

Today's topic is about the 2B,HB etc written on the pencil. There is hardly anyone who has not used a pencil. Our education starts from childhood

Today's topic is about the 2B,HB etc written on the pencil. There is hardly anyone who has not used a pencil. From childhood, our education started by writing with a pencil. I came to give some brief information about this pencil.

Your hand will hurt to write but the pencil will not finish. Because about 45 thousand words can be written with a pencil. Very surprising, isn't it? You can go up to 35 miles continuously by drawing a pencil mark. You can see the quality of the pencil. According to a survey, 200 million pencils are used every year in the United States alone. Although the exact statistics of how many pencils are used in our country is not known, its number will surely not be less.

This pencil also has different types. Some leads are soft, some are hard. Some can draw more black marks, while some are lighter. Based on this quality, pencil types are divided into three categories. If the lead of the pencil is hard, it is shown with H (Hard) on the pencil. Again, B (Bold) is used to express how black or dark the pencil will write.

Again, how beautifully it will be written is expressed with F (Fine). The harder the lead of the pencil, the higher the level of H will increase. This will increase to 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H etc. Again, how thick the stain will be, the level will increase to 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B. Generally, the pencils we use are mainly HB. This means it is quite hard and black as well.

2B pencil is convenient for normal drawing and sketching. Dark ink HB-2 pencil leaves a little residue after writing. In that case HB pencil is better. Same thing in doing geometry. 4B pencil is good for finishing.

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